Did you know that the first helicopter in the world was invented by a Kyivan

The famous aircraft designer, the inventor of the world's first helicopter - Igor Sikorsky was born in Kyiv.

5 facts about this genius:

1. Air sled, the second flying machine of Sikorsky, was invented in Kyiv in the yard of his family house. 

2. Sikorsky did not just build himself, but he also tested his own planes. He was really interested in solving the problem of high mortality of pilots when accidents. And he did breakthrough! The patterned design of the aircraft, he changed, seems like, in elementary way: rearranged the engine from the tail section to the nose portion. Thus, he saved the lives of thousands of pilots and his own life. All subsequent engineers built planes (and even cars) in the same way with engine in front. Sikorsky was falling 3 times successfully, thanks to his decision.

3. The first heavy bomber "Ilya Muromets" was created by Sikorsky with record speed, height,size and firepower. So called by Germans "Flying Elephant» terrified everyone who met him on his way. 52 of these bombers were flying in the sky of the First World War that became a significant contribution to the victory.

4. Sikorsky is the inventor of the world's first helicopter and unique advertising to it. He had to flee his revolution motherland and emigrated to America. There his dreams came true in a small hangar (former henhouse) - he invents his helicopter, meanwhile earning his life with math lessons. The author does not show this creation to anyone, only starts rumors about a unique vertical lift. The helicopter was shown to the public in time, when it was the only way to rescue people on a barge during a storm. After a miraculous rescue all the newspapers wrote about helicopter and in one day the whole world found out about Sikorsky vertical lift.

5. Sykorsky aircrafts is an international brand. All US presidents use Sikorsky airplanes.

Several places in Kyiv remind us about local genius: an abandoned courtyard and a house where an aircraft designer grew up; Sikorsky street with the US embassy; the Polytechnic University, which recently bears the name Sikorsky ... .the name of the most outstanding student ever expelled from the Polytechnic???? (for non-payment).

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