Weekend in Kyiv

- Have your breakfast in Milk Bar with delicious cheesecake  and stunning latte art. Don’t rush. Enjoy the moment.

- Go for a walk through empty streets of Kyiv in the weekend morning. You watch architecture built more than 100 years ago. You go to the main street Khreshchatyk and Bessarabskaya Square.

- Bargain at the Bessarabka market. Follow the local food traditions and buy pork fat «salo», pickles and dried mushrooms.

- Promenade along the famous Khreshchatyk street. Enter numerios shops watch through shop windows?. We suggest to get acquainted with the store of Ukrainian designers Vsi Svoi.

- Get inside the political events’ history on Maidan - Square of Independence! You can listen about Ukrainian revolutions under Maidan during tour in restaurant Last Barricade. We advise to have lunch there and to enjoy author’s Ukrainian cuisine.

- Panorama of the river Dnieper is a visit card of Kyiv. You will walk to the park Vladimirska Hill to watch a wonderful view of the city! Don’t forget to stop by Eclair Little Artwork and to see sweet masterpieces on your way. 

- You pass by St. Michael Golden-Domed Monastery (there is a washroom if you need) and the Funicular and reach the oldest street - Andrew’s Descent. You can buy Ukrainian souvenirs: mace, embroidery, magnets, art, matrioshka etc.

- Go to the Landscape Alley to enjoy modern street art: cute sculptures of cats, hares, elephants, even the little Prince and Alice in Wonderland. Snap a selfie :)

- After Kyiv fairy tale let’s go to Sophia Square. You will see a monument to legendary Ukrainian Cossack, hetman - Bogdan Khmelnitsky. Keep warm and fascinated in 1000-year-old St. Sophia Cathedral. Watch to the main mosaic Oranta shining with 177 colors or enjoy Kyiv beauty from the bell-tower. 

- Move towards the Golden Gate, the main entrance of ancient Kyiv. Let your wishes come true after you whisper them to the cat Pantyusha monument?. Are you hungry? You can eat traditional Kyiv bakery «pirozhki» with local drink «compot» in a cafe @Yaroslavna.

- Continue walking along streets of old city. Pass by Kyiv Opera House and reach Shevchenko Park with incredible bench-art. Now you can realize it is December already and it gets dark very early.

- Are you tired already? We offer to choose:

  • Western and oriental art Khanenko museum : there are guided tours, master classes, musical concerts and other events;
  • book tickets to the Opera House;
  • have dinner in O'Panas restaurant;
  • skip it.

- Now you can go to bed tired and happy.

You will 
- walk 6.5 km during this day or about 7800 steps
- burn up to 350 calories
- If you make this itinerary non-stop it will take 1.5 hours
We hope you are not in hurry and enjoy your day in Kyiv.

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