Kyiv is a city of numerous coffee shops and coffeeholics. You can buy a cup of coffee almost everywhere: in parks, nearby metro stations, at popular historical sights and in other crowded places. But the solution of the natural physiological needs ... after coffee ... is rather difficult. Let’s tell you more about washroom issue in Kyiv.
  • There is only one municipal toilet (at least in the city center). It is free of charge and it is located on the territory of Memorial to the victims of Holodomor in Petrovsky Rampart. If you come with a large group of tourists you will find this place very convenient to make a stop. There's also space to park the bus.
  • There are toilets in every museum, but not all of them are adapted for people with disabilities.
  • You will find washrooms on the territory of cathedrals and monasteries (St. Vladimir’s Cathedral, St. Michael's Golden-domed Cathedral).
  • Sometimes you can find an outdoor toilet (plastic cabins). Few of them a located on Khreshchatyk street, near the Golden Gate (and we can’t remember others).
  • You can use washroom in cafes and restaurants. And it is not necessary to buy something there.
  • In shopping malls: Globus, Metrograd and others.
  • When you feel inconvenient to ask for a washroom in a cafe and buy nothing, then there are many places with fast food in the city center, for instance: McDonald’s, KFC, Dva gusya, Puzata hata
P.S. when a guide works with groups of tourists the toilet issue is one of the most important during the tour. The guide may forget the date or name, but he must show the toilet to the tourist .
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