The National Sports Complex Olimpiyskiy is a must visit place in Kyiv, and not only for football fans. The main arena of Ukraine and one of the most magnificent buildings in Europe, NSC Olimpiyskiy has already become more than just an elite class sports facility, where the UEFA Euro 2012 Final and the 2018 UEFA Champions League Final took place.

You can book a guided tour at the NSC Olimpiyskiy every day (except matchdays). Visitors will be disclosed the secrets and mysteries, that excite everyone, regardless of age and sphere of interest. They will be given an opportunity to look at the tremendous sports complex from a new angle. During guided tours visitors will receive the most interesting information about the stadium and they will be allowed to visit the most secret corners of the multifunctional arena and its behind-the-scenes. Sightseers will be given an opportunity to see the places where the world football legends were preparing for the match, to feel their emotions before the most important sporting events.

For fans of such musical performers as Okean Elzy, MONATIK, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse, Kiss, Depeche Mode, Shakira, Madonna and opera diva Maria Almeida, it will be interesting to see the stadium through their eyes, to feel how it is to be on the huge stage, and to visit the walls that hold memories of how world-famous artists prepared for performances.

The NSC Olimpiyskiy demonstrated its multifunctionality: the summer Olympic Games opening ceremony were held there in 1980, the debates of candidates for the presidency of Ukraine were organized there in 2019, and a human chess game took place there in the 1920s.

Do you know that, thanks to the stationary kitchen factory in the arena and 43 fast food kiosks, 60,000 guests can satisfy hunger simultaneously? Are you aware that the lawn was brought along with the soil from Slovakia, where British experts had controlled its cultivation? Do you know, that in case of emergencies the complete evacuation of people takes only 8 minutes, and that 2 wires are strung over the stadium as lightning discharger?

If you or your friends are fond of sports, music, architecture, history, or just like to have fun and spend time usefully, we invite you to visit the Olympic NSC with us. We offer you our exciting Kyiv sightseeing tours. Make sure that our guides are real virtuosos in organizing your leisure time; let them to get you acquainted with an unusual Kyiv. Believe me, even the natives of the capital will find a lot of interesting things when they order our guided tours “Romantic Kyiv” or “Underground Kyiv”.