We’ll weather the weather whatever the weather

When the forecast is grim, when it’s raining cats and dogs or when it's snowing hard, don’t let bad weather ruin your plans and make your visit to Kyiv boring and tiresome. We've got some ideas for you on what to do in Kyiv while it is drizzle or snowfall outside.


Our top ideas on how to have fun on a rainy day:

1. Private sightseeing tour by car or visit a museum
During guided tour in a car you minimize the time you spend outside while letting you explore the local sights. Go to the numerious museums of history, art or religion in Kyiv. In this way you stay inside dry&warm and you get the incredible information about Kyiv and Ukraine.
2. Gastronomic tour
A gastronomic tour will help you to get acquainted with Ukrainian food culture and traditions. Try the local delicacies. You can find the difference between red and green borshch, taste salo and discover your favorite Ukrainian dish. Besides, you can find mouth-watering tasty souvenirs and to present them to your relatives and friends.
3. Wine or beer degustation
Let’s taste the local drinks, especially different kinds of wine and beer. This procedure can be rather joyful and informative at once. You can also taste different kinds of coffee or tea while enjoying warm atmosphere of a stylish and original Kyiv cafes.
4. Proffesional photo shoot in studio
Photo shoots are funny and exciting. It will be experience for you, your family and friends and bed weather cannot spoil your attempt to get some memorable photos. Ukrainian creative photographers offers many gorgeous indoor backgrounds at their studios. You can have a lot of joy trying new looks and make as a result an evolution in the way you see yourself.
5. Shooting range
One of the main reasons, why we chose travelling, is getting new experiences. Do you want to have an unforgettable practice? Do not miss a chance to go out on a shooting range. In Ukraine, unlike in most European countries, the license isn’t required. Range safety officer will accompany and teach you to deal with firearms, that’s why shooting is not only fun, but safe.
6. Get some workshops
The process of creating your own masterpiece is fascinating and memorable. Make sweets, paint pictures or create clay pots by yourself under the supervision of experts. During your work, enjoy the stories about the history and origin of the recipes. Any of these masterpieces will be an unusual present for your friends or a memorable thing for you.
7. Virtual Reality Club VR HUB
If you are seeking for exciting experience or adventure, the virtual reality is exactly what you need. There is no age restriction in VR HUB. Everyone can find something interesting in the huge collection of games. You can be a spy or to kill a terrible vampire, to save the world or to create a new one. Moreover, you can play some games in pair with your friends. There are no frames, you can try any role and to visit any location in the VR.
8. Go to the hairdresser
To change your style or just to refresh your haircut is a good way to get in the mood. Just take an umbrella to save your new hairdo from the rain.
9. Indoor swimming pool or go to the water park
Visit a water park with its warm inner temperature and a huge option of water activities. Some water parks also have a spa area with hot bath and Jacuzzi – perfect options for a cold day. Spend a couple of minutes in a spa and allow your body to relax.
10. Planetarium 
If you are interested in astronomy or science let's go to a planetarium. Watching the stars and bewildering star shows is an exciting way to spend your free time. Watching celestial bodies in the intimate atmosphere is very romantic.
11. Indoor rollerdrome or skating sink
If you are cold, you can move a lot on a roofed rollerdrome or a skating rink and in such a way to get warm. Skating will bring you a lot of fun and, of course, physical activity is useful for health. Indoor rollerdromes and skating rinks are located in malls and entertainment centers, therefore its comfortable to go shopping and to eat tasty food after entertainment. 
12. Spend time at the local market 
If you want to have some souvenir shopping, why not spend a rainy day at the local market. There you can find not only the usual magnets, but also unique artworks and traditional trinkets. Moreover, shopping at local markets is also a great way to interact with the locals and discover their culture and way of life.
Welcome to Kyiv and lets enjoy this city with different weather conditions.