There are many opportunities to get acquainted with the capital of Ukraine, to absorb the information about its history, culture and traditions, to feel the unique atmosphere of this magnificent city and just to have fun. Here is our list of ideas on what to do when you want to enjoy Ukrainian national peculiarities.


Our top ideas on how to get acquainted with Ukrainian national identity:

1. Shop for Ukrainian design items
Ukrainian designers are very creative and they can satisfy any taste. Find what you like in a huge selection of traditional, classic, modern and cutting edge design products for adults and kids, including items produced exclusively. 
2. Go on a gastronomic tour
A gastronomic tour will help you to get acquainted with Ukrainian food culture and traditions. Try the local delicacies. You can find the difference between red and green borshch, taste salo and discover your favorite Ukrainian dish. Go on the wine or beer tasting. Try the local drinks. Besides, you can find mouth-watering tasty souvenirs and to present them to your relatives and friends. Book our tour “Ukrainian cuisine tastes” and enjoy the Ukrainian dishes.
3. Spend time at the local market
If you want to have some souvenir shopping, why not spend a day at the local mall or market. There you can find not only the usual magnets, but unique artworks and traditional trinkets. Moreover, shopping at local markets is also a great way to interact with the locals and discover their culture and way of life.
4. Get some practice in workshops
  • Ukrainian cuisine masterclass

This is a unique opportunity to experience a culinary masterclass often guided by professional Ukrainian chefs. You will learn, how to prepare traditional dishes and then will try them. In addition, it’s a good way to find out interesting facts about local food. An awesome chance, especially if you are interested in the professional food preparation. 

  • Sweets making masterclass

For a hopeless sweet tooth the best idea is to take part in candies, chocolates and lollipops preparation. You will have a chance to choose the shapes, colors and ingredients of your tasty masterpieces. Imagine, you are a real candy man or woman. Bring home your tasty creations to impress your family or friends or eat them immediately.

  • Ukrainian pottery masterclass

Pottery master class in the pottery workshop is an original idea for unconventional and creative person. In a warm and joyful atmosphere, you will have an opportunity to mold a charming ram or a musical whistle-blower with your own hands.

  • Ukrainian doll motanka masterclass 

You can make a traditional knot doll motanka during a masterclass. You’ll get the information not only about the process of its making, but also be disclosed interesting facts about this domestic symbol of fertility and household guardian. The motanka doll is one of the most ancient handmade items in Ukrainian household and you will have a chance to make a talisman for your home.

  • Painting masterclass

It doesn’t matter, if you have the drawing skills of a 3 year old child or if you are a talented artist. Drawing is a good and unusual way to get acquainted with local culture. Visiting Kyiv, you can order a Petrykivka painting masterclass, where you master the traditional painting technique, that was originated in the Ukrainian village of Petrykivka. Traditionally this unique ornament was used to decorate the walls of village houses. Nowadays it is used to adorn the interior of flats, cafes and restaurants.
If you are interested in something extraordinary and contemporary, you can visit a coffee painting masterclass. It is original to brew a cup of strong flavoured coffee, but instead of drinking it, you plunge your brush into it and try to create a masterpiece on paper.

  • Pysankarstvo masterclass

Painting of Easter eggs is real art, and this symbol of Easter is called pysanka in Ukraine. During masterclass, you will enjoy painting your own pysanka, and the artists will tell you about the history, sacral meaning and origin of this tradition. The process of creating your own masterpiece is fascinating, and pysanka will be an unusual present for your friend. 

Enjoy being in Kyiv, choose a creative way of spending time in the center of Ukraine. Don’t be afraid to get to know the most bewildering facts about this magnificent country or to master a new art. Our guides are ready to help you in organizing your free time, so connect us and take your chance to have fun on a rainy and snowy weather.