It is the first aspect you need to consider. If you want to stay in the city center and to get good level of service the price for double room is:
4 * hotel – 90-150 euro
5 * hotel – 160-370 euro
However you can find cheaper options: 3* hotels, apartments or hostels.

Airport transfer

Kyiv is served by 2 airports: Boryspil and Kyiv. It is more often that tourist start their trip in Boryspil. There are trains, buses, taxi and private transfer. Price can be from 3 to 35 euro.


Metro – 0,8 euro, taxi Uber about 3-4 euro in the city center, private drivers - 9 euro per hour


There are a number of great restaurants in the city. Expect a main dish at a mid-range restaurant to cost around 10 euro and a starter to cost around 4-5 euro


You could easily spend a number of days hopping from museum to museum in Kyiv and only spend money on museum tickets (1-8 euro), transport and food for the day. Another great sightseeing option in Kyiv is to take a private Kyiv tour. Private costs 20 euro per hour.


Kyiv has active night life. Budget varies from 10 euro you can spend in the pub to 35 euro in night club and more.

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