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Kyiv sightseeing tour:Unusual Kyiv tours

We've collected here for you some unusual, exciting and enlightening tours and activities.

Underground Kyiv

Kyiv city is exciting in two realities: the first one is habitual, Kyivans and guests of the capital watch it every day, and there is a second one – dungeons, mystical bridges, Stalin's subway – only a small part of Kyiv riddles and legends. This second side of Kyiv you have never seen.
During this tour you will:

  • enter underground tunnels built over a century ago!
  • go through the drainage and access systems, you will see an underground waterfall, crystal clear streams, old stalactites and other secrets of the dungeon.
  • learn about the dungeons of Kiev, their construction and exploitation.
  • feel what is "total darkness".

Such a tour will definitely transform your mindset!

Journey to the secret life of Kyiv

This quest-tour is for people who have seen already Kyiv and its highlights. It's your chance to discover the special hidden side of our city, for instance:

  • hidden secrets of the symbols on Independence Square 
  • how to hide a three-storey building in the center of the capital
  • masonic symbols and love stories of this area

During our trip we'll admire the house with Pregnant dragons, the house with Chimeras, the house of the Weeping Widow, the Klovsky & Mariinsky palaces.

Ancient Kyiv fun tour

Some puzzles do not need paper guesses. All guesses are on the monuments, we just don’t notice it. Our route in Ancient Kiev we will start from the Golden Gate and finish near the funicular. During the tour we will:

  • get into secret courtyards
  • find live Ravens.
  • look for a lot of cats, characters of fairy tales and legends
  • restore destroyed buildings and defeat the two-headed dragon
  • travel in time: in the 11th, 10th and even 5th centuries, when Kyiv was founded.
You will not be just listeners, but major players of our tour. Together we will come up with new legends and learn old ones.

Another sightseeing tour

This tour is for you when:
  • you live in Kyiv but your daily itinerary is from your apartment to the office and back:
  • you know this city only from the car window. 
Kyiv is an Ancient and Eternally Young City, the capital of independant Ukraine. Therefore it provides an opportunity to see exciting historical memorials and to enjoy beautiful modern city. We`ll start our tour in the old city near the Golden gate (traditional tourist destination) and go for a walk a little bit. We`ll find interesting and unusual attractions: Karaite Kenesa (a religious group within Judaism) and dilapidated house of Sikorsky (the creator of helicopter). Passing local yards we`ll meet ravens and enjoy street art: sculptures and murals. Then we suggest to drive to Franko square to take a look to Kyiv architectural masterpieces. The next destination will be devoted to romantic site of Kyiv - Love lock bridge. There you`ll listen some love stories and info about brigde founder. And the main issue - you will see picturesquare landscape of Kyiv.


Tour duration: 2-3 hours
Pricing: from 6000 UAH


  • private guide


  • food and drinks;
  • transportation;
  • tips (optional);
  • museums entrance fees (optional).
Payment Options:
  • cash payment (with a guide before the beginnig of the tour)
  • non-cash payment (for payments in Ukraine)
  • transfer of money to a bank account (upon request)

❗It's a private sightseeing tour therefore:

  • you will travel at your own pace when you request a stop to have a closer look at a site or snap photos; 
  • fill free to change duration; 
  • upgrade transport class;
  • take а guide with own car;
  • you can book a tour for a big groups; 
  • choose another language (German, Italian, Arabiv, French etc).

 The price will be calculated individually.


Please fulfill the booking form or call/write us to book your tour and fill free to contact us if you have any questions

tel.: +380975603691, +380502247587 (viber, whatsapp, telegram)

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